Modify Inventory UI (Crashes)?

I’ve been messing around with the Dino Arena mod.
To start with, I’ve created my own mod folder, then copied the following items into it:

  1. ArenaGameMode
  2. ArenaGameState
  3. ArenaSpawnEntry
  4. ArenaUI
  5. BlueprintContainerActor
  6. DinoArena (Level)
  7. InventoryMenu
  8. ShooterHudBP
  9. TestGameMode

I then prefixed each of the above assets with the letters SD_, to help differentiate them from their originals.
I have set the level’s World Settings to use SD_ArenaGameMode, the HUD Class to SD_ShooterHudBP, and in SD_ShooterHudBP I’ve set the Inventory UITemplate to be SD_InventoryMenu.
I also made sure to reparent any blueprints which referenced originals, making sure that my blueprints were being used instead.
Then I opened up the editor for SD_InventoryMenu, changed the text of the close button to “Dismiss”, compiled and saved everything, then did a quick play test.
Sure enough, when I pressed the inventory hotkey, the inventory menu popped up and said “Dismiss” instead of “Close”, confirming that everything is working as expected.

Now here’s where things instantly go downhill…
Back in the UI editor, as soon as I switch from Designer mode to Graph mode, 50% of the time it crashes the UE4 editor.
It’s nice enough to give me a UE4 message dialog before it closes, but it appears to simply reference a bunch of internal C++ classes, and it seems to change every time it displays.
Other than stating it’s an access violation, I’m not even sure if it would be relevant to post what it says, seeing as the rest of it is never the same.
A quick workaround (for now) is to simply save before switching to Graph mode, but it would be nice if this could undergo further investigation for a more permanent bug fix.


I frequently get crashes with the UMG editor, doesn’t really seem to be a known cause to it.

A lot of the issues stem from assertion errors and the Kit just crashes on those which is a poor means of handling them.

It’s also odd the WinERS reports differently than the DevKit does. Why, no idea, still makes it strange.