Modify instanced static meshes to support ray traced shadows

So apparently this isn’t a feature yet supported.
My limited understanding is that should simply be a matter of exposing the ‘Visible in Ray Tracing’ property inside blueprints so it can be set.
Can any C++ experts chime in?
Where exactly in the UE source code would I need to go to make this change?
I am also somewhat of a novice C++ coder so any feedback appreciated!


To do that, you would need to change BlueprintReadOnly to BlueprintReadWrite in Runtime/Engine/Classes/Components/PrimitiveComponent.h, line 346.

It sounds like a bad idea though. It’s probably marked as BlueprintReadOnly for a reason. Anyway, you’ll need to have the source code and then compile the entire engine yourself, which can be a pain.

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Thanks. Do you know which version of Visual Studio I will need to compile a build?

Sorry, I had been away. I use Visual Studio 2019 community and it works fine.

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