Modify head/spine bones through camera rotations


I’m working on using the UE4_Mannequin_skeleton to allow the camera (which is attached to the head of the skeleton) to rotate the bones between the head/spine01. Currently the rotation of the camera is rotating the entire skeleton from the point of the camera/head.

The FABRIK uses the head as the top bone and spine_01 as the root bone. From there I pass in the head world transform rotation values to Transform(modify) the head bone.

I’m not sure how I can keep the rest of the skeleton from moving at this point. Any suggestions?

To troubleshoot, you can remove FAbrik and just set the head bone world rotation directly.
Make sure to replace existing.

if the entire skeleton rotation still happens, you can remove the Transform node.

If the entire rotation still happens, make sure you are not inheriting controller pitch or yaw if you are using Character movement…

Hey OM,

Thanks for the troubleshooting tips. Your third suggestions hit the problem square on. The entire skeleton was inheriting the camera’s world transform rotation thus making it appear as if the head rotation was actually rotating the whole body.

Thanks for the tip!