Modify existing dinos stats

I would like to edit the stats of dinosaurs and have them effect dinos already spawned in-game. I know this possible, as ClassicFlyers changes flyer stats of already tamed dinos.

For example. how can I change the base weight stat of Trikes to 3000?

I have:
created a Trike_Character_BP_Child_mymod
created a DinoCharacterStatusComponent_BP_Trike_Child_mymod
changed weight to 3000 in DinoCharacterStatusComponent_BP_Trike_Child_mymod
changed Character Status Component Priority to 2
added DinoCharacterStatusComponent_BP_Trike_Child_mymod to the components in Trike_Character_BP_Child_mymod
in PrimalGameData_BP_mymod, added element in RemapNPC to change from Trike_Character_BP class to Trike_Character_BP_Child_mymod class

Loaded mod in singleplayer, it affects freshly spawned dinos but not ones previously tamed.

How do I get this to affect dinos that are tamed and/or spawned already?