Modify components properties at runtime AND Visualize UMG stuff at runtime

As a game developer turned from Unity3D. I found that when I play in editor to digging out some kind of game-logic issues, I cannot change any components’ properties of Actor in level, and also , only the viewport I am playing shows the latest state of actors, such as some spawned actors, and moved actors are not visible at other viewports.
So the first feature I request is:
Please let all viewport show same level(whether it’s temprary or not) at the same time, and please let them can be modified at runtime so I can debug at runtime!
I’ve already found that UE4 provide some fantastic tools such as : symble debugger, visual logger, game debugger and so on, but I firmly believe runtime debugging will far enhance UE4 debuge power!.

And I figure out that UE4 provide a awesome UI system to design in game UI, and as a programmer, It’s very brillant that UMG and SlateUI use same base code with just different RHI. But the problem is that:

  1. I cannot render 3D object in it , while I want my character model to show in the UI panel, I can only use RenderTarget method, but cannot visualize in UMG-Editor. And in other circumstances I want to show ParticleSystem in the UI panel, I think the RenderTarget way will not fit that purpose…
  2. I also cannot debug UMG UI at runtime, when I finish my coding job, and want to play in editor, I cannot find the latest UI status! Even with slate reflector, I can only find out the position and size etc, which is not enough.
    So the second feature I request is :
    Please MIX 3d object render with UMG UI render , and place UMG UI widgets(buttons, labels, images etc…) in the level.

Thanks for all your job~. that’s really fantanstic!

Strongly hope to have this feature.

The feature modified component properties is very useful, expecially after you develop game with unity3d, you’ll see it’s greet!

:confused:nobody? nobody?

It’s really useful features, why does not get more attension?:confused: