Modify collision position

Hi everyone.

Sorry to be bothering you all, but I’m really new to Unreal and trying to improve my skills. While working on some car presets, I wanted to be able to change the suspension height during gameplay. I’ve tried some things and read some discussions, but I can’t manage to do it. I was able to set the mesh to change (when I press the input, I can make the wheels visually move by modifying the bone position on the animation blueprint), but the collision of the wheel blueprint doesn’t change. The only way I’ve managed to change it is through modifying the wheel blueprint class defaults (which invalidates the purpose of “inside game change”).

Is there any way to do it through blueprints?

Just one disclaimer: I’m not using Chaos, because for some reason the physics aren’t working with me.

A workaround could be attaching a collision box cylinder sphere or whatever on the wheel… It is just an idea…

Thank you, Neongho, but I’ve tried something like that by activating the collison on the wheels mesh, and I don’t think it works. Looks like the wheel functions by creating its own collision cilinder. If I modify the vehicle movement offset (Z axis), then I can start with the height I want. But what I really want is to edit it while playing, and I can’t manage to do it…