Modify Camera properties after game is paused ?

I was wondering if one could modify camera properties after game is paused ? I’m using a third-person player template, and I would think it would be interesting for a player to be able to look around his environment even after a pause.
When I tried this, say, changing the FOV, it had no effect although changing the FOV when the game is un-paused works very well.

Character and HUD actors all have PrimaryComponentTick.bTickEvenWhenPaused variable which can be set to true. A UCameraComponent has one too but setting it directly doesn’t work. So I tried subclassing the customary CameraComponent in the ACharacter’s constructor but that didn’t go well. And Tick() cannot be overridden (FINAL).

It might be that the program flow prohibits the changing of components who are not Root components.

This might be voodoo, but if anyone has any ideas, I’ll be glad to hear them.