Modify base character stats

I am trying to modify the base character stats, i create a copy of the PlayerPawnTest/PlayerPawnTest_Female/PlayerPawnTest_Male/PlayerCharacterStatusComponent_BP and reparent the male and female to the new PlayerPawnTest and add them to my mods primal gamedata bp.

Now the problem i am having is where do i change the reference to the PlayerCharacterStatusComponent_BP, i cannot find it nowhere in the PlayerPawnTest like people say in this post: LINK.
Cannot find the reference to it to change it or the values to change, was it moved somewhere else or am i doing something wrong?

If you go to the “Components” section on the PlayerPawn, you should see it’s inherited PlayerCharacterStatusComponent_BP. Once you find that under the “Components” section, just simply replace it with your modified one. You may have to delete the existing one, and replace with the new one manually, but I believe that should do it :slight_smile:

You dont just make a copy/duplicate of the componentstatus_BP and then in the “search bar” type “priority” and then assign it a higher value.

@sinarisinestro - There is nothing in the Components section of PlayerPawn to select the new PlayerCharacterStatusComponent_BP. (Screenshot of Components section)

@M1k3_C - Changeing the priority in PlayerCharacterStatusComponent_BP from 0 to 1 or anything higher did not have any effect, it still seems this copy of the file is not being read.

That also happens with the BoaFrill

if you modify the Core data just for testing and load in PIE do the new stats take effect?

Yes, they will take effect while playing in editor if modify the core data.

EDIT: Got it working now, i was looking in the wrong Components section of PlayerPawn, needed to click Components button next to Defaults and Graphs and edit the base stats in there.

when u click play it starts the game same as it would starting a singleplayer if u click the run as dedicated box then it will run as if its a server