Modify actor proprties during runtime

I have a Metahuman, the actor blueprint associated to its is “bp_Vivian”. I want to set a proprty to Vivian “starttalking”, when this proprty is true, I want the blueprint animation associated to the face “FaceAnimation” to start the animation association to talking. To do so, in “FaceAnimation” I call the owning actor and cast it to “bp_Vivian” and at each update, I get the value of “starttalking”. When I try to change the “starttalking” property of “bp_Vivian” during, it doesn’t work proprly. I get something alternating between true and false. The way I change the starttalking proprty is by calling a function “editstarttalking” using remote control api. Is there a way to update properly metahuman properties ?

Hi @Lekfouf

I dont use Metahumans so apologies if this is not relevant.

But as your Vivian is a blueprint actor, then surely a custom event on the blueprint which you can trigger , then that event runs the routine to trigger the talking? Or less nice way is use an exposed Boolean for StartTalking then “listen” on your vivian blueprint (maybe event tick) for the change from false to true, then perform your StartTalking routine?

Hope its of use