Modifing Stats During Run Time

Slowly learning how to use the tools to mod ARK. I’ve gotten down how to create my own game mode and spawn my own custom player/pawn. So I think I’m starting to get a good understanding of the modding environment.

As an exercise, I want to make it so that my my character spawns with variations in their base stats. Essentially, when the player spawns for the first time, their base stats will have some random variation added (or subtracted) to each of them. However, on respawn the variation does not change. Is this possible in blueprints? When a character’s data is saved, how do I make sure the variation is saved with it?

I am also wondering if it’s possible to modify stats while the game is running. For example, say your character runs around a lot. Over time, you accumulate a small bonus to your stamina. This is independent of your stamina stat that you increase through leveling up, but still gets added with it to get your total stamina. However, on death/respawn this bonus is lost and reset back to 0. Is doing something like this also possible in the Devkit via the blueprint graphs? If so, what blueprint would I want to modify/extend? Could I handle this via a new component blueprint (still learning how those work).

Not asking for people to write my code for me. Just need some help getting pointed in the right direction. Thanks :slight_smile:

Stay tuned for the SotF content, most of that is going to be where you will find your answers.

didnt they say they were releasing the item graphs i cant seem to find them just the same as normal?