Modifing Paragon Assets for a game

Good Afternoon
I’d like to know if I can use Paragon assets available on the marketplace for my game:I want to modify them beforr use.

You can use Paragon assets for your game as long as it is based on Unreal Engine.

I was worried about the risk of noticing that my characters are taken from Paragon.Any advice?

That’s the risk of using marketplace or free assets, it will probably affect people’s view of the project negatively to know that you’re using free assets.

They are also each character setup slightly differently and that results on increased invested into character implementation.
For tiny teams / lone devs, this can introduce problems instead of saving time.

There is the issue of asset flipping

The main issue with asset flipping is your game will start to look like someone else and loss the ability to make a franchised game in the process.

Thank you for your answer.
Let’s suppose I need to use these characters, whaty should I do to avoid asset flipping?Could you give also an example?
Thank you for your help.

can i use paragon characters to my game and then i sell the game with paragon characters inside?