Modified C++ not applied in editor and updated classes needs to be re-implemented

I am having a problem working with C++ in UE4. I am experiencing some issues like the following:

  • I have a use of UAnimNotify done while editor was launched from VS 2019, the next day, it was not called until i deleted it and used it again.
  • Modified code is not updated in editor, don’t know why, this was the reason i started the engine from VS.
  • Sometimes, when i modify the structure of an actor (add variable, add method) and the added member is exposed to BP, BP is only updated after restarting editor.
  • Updating structure of an Actor resets child’s values (e.g: a variable set in c++ to 100 and in child actor (BP) it is set to 200, after compiling code it was reset to 100).

I am using UE 4.23 installed from launcher not github and I am using VS 2019. I installed UnrealVS extension and added UE.navis file to VS corresponding folder.

Thank you for your time and I appreciate your help :slight_smile: