Modifications to Skeletons in Persona are not changed

Hey Guys!

Using Fuse and their animations, I bought a lying down animation to use in Unreal Engine 4. The animations plays smoothy but I don’t like the hand positioning so I want to edit those.

Here is how the animation is.

I select the proper bones and modify them in persona. And this is how it looks now.

Afterwards I press the save button (And Ctrl - S many times) to save the animation.

Then when I exit and go back to MyCharacter blueprint, and the animation is still the original one!

I even then reopen the animation sequence and still is the old animation!

So, what is going on? Please help! Thanks!

the movement options in persona are just for testing purposes I believe. you will have to take it into a different program and adjust your animation.

I wish you could just move them and save them. love to be proved wrong though.

Hi. Just spotted your question after searching for an answer myself.
[4.5.1] How to save changes to animated bones with Persona? - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums If you found a solution elsewhere, let us know.

No, Had to edit the animation in 3DS Max.


I too am trying to save changes to bones I’ve made in persona but they don’t save and jump right back to the original. I’m trying to do quick prototyping so doing it in persona would be fantastic rather than jumping back to Maya.

In engine 4.7 it is now possible to edit bone position in Persona.

In engine 4.7 it is now possible to edit bone position in Persona.


I also found that in 4.6 you can just record an animation and it will save your bone prepositions out to a new animation.

This didn’t work until I went to the Skeletal Mesh subsection of the Character pawn I had on stage, and I checked the “Update Joints from Animation” checkbox.