Modifed version of ShooterGame on personal GitHub


I’m adding various skills to the “Shooter Game” character and would like to add the entire project to my github (in order to show it when I apply for a job).
This will include the folders Content, Source, Config and the uproject.
I was wondering if it was possible and if I should include some “special” message in the project, like: EULA license under… .

Thank you!

You are only permitted to redistribute source files to other Unreal Engine licensees, so doing so under a public Github repo would likely result in unauthorized distributions.

You can, however, use the Marketplace or a fork of Epic’s UE github. Or you can freely distribute a packaged version of the game as an executable.

Thank you very much for the precisions!

Are there specific instructions for the fork? Or I can simply:

  • Fork → Add a folder “my project” in the UnrealEngine repo → Do a pull request?

The thing that I don’t really like is that (from my understanding) the pull requests in fork repositories should be used to propose improvements to the engine, but this is not the case…