Modern-World Urban Style Shooter looking for team!

I am looking to assemble a team of creative 3D artists and animators to assist in the development process and promotion of a modern-world realistic urban first person shooter game. As of now, i am already a year into the developmental process and am hoping to add more team members to help me bring this unique project to life. I am trying to assemble a friendly team.
Currently i have built a playable prototype and i would like to invite you to try it out prior to joining the team.
The prototype consist of the most basic elements of the game, multiple weapons and vehicles, including the core game mechanics. Note i am not an artist so the art i will be able to presenting you is as good as it can get from a programmer. After all this is why i am here to find you!
I’ve progressed to a point where it only would make sense to start polishing the game, add art elements and assets.

If you’re interested please contact me and i would be happy to show you images and a quick video to peek your interest even more.

Project Title
Code-Zero (for now)

Game Description / Short Story:
After receiving the orders from the headquarters the Anti-Terrorist team is rushing to the scene. The player must quickly figure out what weapons and accessories would suit him for the battle. The player’s job though the game is to defeat the other team depending on the game mode. Be it defusing a bomb, stopping a bank robbery, a hostage situation or catching the bad guys in a car chase.

The game features:

  • Multiplayer Urban Warfare
  • Customizable Player skins and loadout
  • Customizable Weapons
  • Customizable Weapon Attachments
  • Fluid and dynamic combat mechanics
  • Vehicle Support

Talent Required
3D Artist:

  • Responsible for working with other artists in creating game assets

Animator (Character and Props):

  • Responsible for animating and rigging props, characters and other in-game assets

Sound Designer

  • Responsible for working with other artists in creating weapon sound effects, ui sounds and other game sounds

Payment:- RevShare/Royalty (Meaning the payment will be received upon release and sales from the game. )
Thank you for taking the time to read our post, you’re a hero! If you feel like you’re up to the task be sure to send me an e-mail with a sample of your work if applicable. I am looking forward to hearing from you!
E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Website: Coming Soon
Please PM me with your discord account if you’re interested and i’ll add you!

Hello @csokikola

You may have more success with your ROYALTY recruitment campaign posting images and videos herein. The more visual stimulus the better.

I am happy to do so in private chat to also have the chance to get feed back. Until there’s a real game play of the game i’d prefer to stay in shadows with the project :slight_smile: How ever one i can tell everyone so far said it’s looking great so far :slight_smile:

You have already come out of the shadows with this post. Lol. Royalty projects are very difficult to recruit for and retain quality game devs. I know first hand from running a such a campaign for ExORION FTPS. The more imagery the greater interest.

Will keep in mind :wink:
Thanks for your feedback