Modern villa night rendering

Hello Guys. I have been working on an archviz exterior rendering. Please have a look. Comments and suggestions are welcome.
I have been facing some problems like some of the geometry seems black, even the one which is created in ue4 only.

The following are the images of ue4 project.

Below is the reference image quality which I am trying to achieve.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, there is a lot of detail in the scene. But your lighting is a bit flat. Is it baked or dynamic?

Sometimes you can have too many lights. Maybe try to reduce the number of lights or set their radius lower as a starting point. If you have a skylight in the scene maybe reduce the intensity. It can wash out the contrast easily. And it looks like you don’t have a reflection cube or box in the scene, there is no reflection in the windows. It will also change the colors quite a bit.

The vegetation brings the scene a bit down right now. It doesn’t look very realistic. I find it very difficult to get some good vegetation meshes that are not super high poly.

If you can’t self-critique 90% of the things wrong with this scene, I don’t know what to tell you.

Hello, Thanks for replying.

The lighting is baked and I have a reflection capture sphere.
I am using vegetation from kite demo still it’s not looking realistic.

There are some some problems like some of the geometry are looking black after build light also.
The main thing which wrong with the scene is VEGETATION,then the over all look or lighting of the scene.

I am using hdri lighting with directional light.


Your reference image has no direct light from a sun. Just skylighting from a dusk HDRI.
Your images are way too bright for the look you are going for.