Modern House

This is my first post here and my first time using UE4, it was a lot of fun learning how to use it in the process of making this project.

[video]UE4 archviz test - YouTube

Ugh, this makes me jealous (well done btw). I haven’t been able to use UE4 for awhile now due to stuff coming up, but I recently decided to pop into it in order to give my wife an idea of what our house will look like when it’s built. This is the result

I’m actually working directly from a blueprint (the real life kind) to get all my measurements (1cm = 1 ue unit, right?), but I’m having trouble snapping walls in place (I think this is because I’m being super specific with wall sizes, i.e. 254.74, and not rounding up).

Back in June when I was following tutorials galore (Hourences’ three tuts, plus some digital tutors, and all of the available official ones), I felt much more comfortable with the engine, but now I’m afraid I’ve only retained a portion of my former knowledge.

What got you to the point where you could make this? Looks great, so any tutorial or video advice would be appreciated!

Not that complicated if you try hard, took me about two weeks working one or two hours a day to figure out how to use the UE4 looking at online tutorials and every time I had a problem I just wrote the question on google and it would redirect me either to an explanation in the documentation or a UE4 forum post with the answer.

To get the measurements right I built the model in 3dsmax and placed all the pivots on 0,0,0 (while leaving the building in its place,just move the pivots not the building) sot that when you place it in in ue4 you just have to place them at the origin and all the pieces will align.