Modern Home Furniture Set

Youtube: [video]UE4 Modern Home Furniture Set - YouTube

Universal 3D model assets for Unreal Engine 4 creations.
High quality modern furniture to assist in mapping scenes for games, animations, or visualizations.
Fully modular and customizable for all project types small or big!


  • 120 Modern Furniture 3D Model Assets
  • Modular Design
  • Customizable Materials
  • Universal Assets
  • High Quality
  • Great UV Texturing
  • Low Poly <2000 Verticies/Faces each.

Hi, everyone!

These are some useful assets that I made and am submitting to the UE4 marketplace for review.
Once approved, they can help assist other creators with their workloads and time for their project or even be used for production.
Also, it will help contribute towards the progression for my personal project as well.
Tell me, what you do think?

Pending approval for release on the marketplace!

Smart Climbing Platform System: