Modern day MMORPG game looking for support from a variety of potential critical skill sets!

Liberty; the Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying modern day setting project, consist on offering players the freedom to choose an existing or creative role to their persona. From joining legal or illegal factions in the game to making a difference in the fictionalized state of Memphis, Tennessee.

You, as the player will illustrate how your story anticipates your own character’s daily life.

My intentions and standards for the game is to make everything as interactable, explorable, and immersive as possible from a third person perspective. And giving the player a great variety of customization opportunities to the game that will leave the player with an unforgettable great experience in Liberty.

Who do I need?
Currently, these are the following talent skill sets I seek for the development of the game:

(1x) 2D Artist

  • Will pretty much just handle the concept and artwork for Liberty and Angry Predator Studios.

**(2x) 3D Artist **

  • One of the artist will be assigned to work on vehicles while the other works on characters or anything relating to the character in any way.

(1x) UI Developer

  • Anything that will consist on how the game interacts with the UI of it’s nature.

(1x) Animation Artist

  • From movement to common and generic animations. The animations will need to be very smooth in their transitions.

(1x) Audio Engineer

  • Vehicle, atmospheric and even gun sounds, these key features will need to fit the realistic tone and vibe of how the game plays.

Contact Information
You can reach me either by directly PMing me through the Unreal Engine forums or from my Skype.
Skype: Soupiest

Additional Information
Last but not least, this is officially Royalty based and I have an agenda on how I plan to play this project’s progression, including information on Royalty percentages, which are confidential. Here’s some progress of Liberty’s world map. Do keep in mind that it’s a work in progress please…

Angry Predator Studios is still holding all the positions open as there’s yet to be any spots to be taken. The game’s Kickstarter phase is around the corner, and I’ll be establishing a W.I.P thread pretty soon as well! Don’t hesitate to send me a forum PM or using any means to contact me.

Edit #1 - Here’s what’s been in store for the game’s development!

December 7, 2016 - Positions are still available! Don’t hesitate to send a PM or get in contact with me regarding this opportunity.

December 14, 2016 - I’ll be doing TWO trailers for the project. If you’re still interested however, positions are still available! Don’t hesitate to send a PM or get in contact with me regarding this opportunity.

I have one position spot left for a programmer who’s wanting to be a part of Liberty’s development. All of the other positions are still open!

**We’re still looking for the remaining positions! Don’t hesitate to contact me for questions, concerns or taken interest!

Feel free to visit my W.I.P thread!