Modern Country House

Hi guys.

This is my lastest work with UE4.

The project has some interactions like changing colors, materials and furniture.

Very nice.

I would love to set up something like this for my wife so she can better visualize our house before we decide on colors.

I’m a long way away from that in the modeling department, skill-wise, though. :slight_smile:

I think you nailed it with this house viz man, It’s very well done. Lots of details. I like it!

Have you used any particular lightmass settings? (like very high quality)

Super impressive.

I bought one of your previous projects off Ue4arch. Is this one going to be available at all?

Wow, that’s awesome. Unfortunately I recently used the word awesome for something much less impressive and I don’t know how to express how great this is.

I would love to see it a little bit more like an editor, where you can choose which furniture you want to add to your house. At the end I want to press a buy button and a amazon drone sends everything to my home… :wink:

I’d love a walk through of your lighting set up and global blah blah blah. That is my suck button that I tap dance all over. LOVE this scene and perfect music.

heartlessphil : Yea, I raised some parameters like NumHemisphereSamples, DirectPhotonDensity and IndirectPhotonDensity. I built the light in the High preset.
But be careful with these values, changing it will increase your render times a lot… but it was the only way to avoid those terrible light flicks from ue4 photon-mapping .

chalkgsy : It´s already avaiable

You must have amazed the client/s. Good work!

very nice i watched it a lot
It´s already avaiable??can we buy the project scene?where? in the market place?

How long the light baking took? :stuck_out_tongue: hours or days? haha

VERY nice archviz, one of the best I’ve seen in fact. Good job!