Modern C++ Multitasking API vs UE4 Multitasking API

What is latest advice on Modern C++ Multitasking API vs UE4 Multitasking API, especially for someone like already used to STD library Multitasking API.

I would prefer to stick with what i know and use STD Multitasking API in UE4, but are there are known issues with this.

Been reading some of the UE4 Multitasking API, but feel like am learning new way to do stuff i already know, can i just use STD Multitasking instead.

Given am new to the engine and not sure the implications of STD Multitasking on UE4.

There is apart of UE4 manual that advices use of modern C++ API where there is UE4 version of same API, cause UE4 created their version when c++ was behind what they needed.
But that is no longer the case with modern C++.

So can anybody see any issues with using any part of STD multitasking in UE4

Failing that i will have to go learn the UE4 Multitasking API.


You should use what Unreal provides for UObjects because std is not aware of the lifecycle rules of an Unreal Object in memory.

For Slate, they have their own smart pointer types as well, for foreign code it’s fine to use std methods.

Thanks for the info. I suppose that means both UE4 and STD both have thier place in the UNreal framework.

And i already tried std::async, that wount even ue4 project