Modern Apartment

Hello all,

I’m a 3D artist and this is my first project with Unreal Engine, any feedback is appreciated, I posted on reddit and I was adviced I should post here as well.

Modern Apartment

So far I’ve received the following feedback:

books are facing the wall; (I don’t know how I did’ny notice that before)
sometimes too much detail with normal maps can look fake;
increase shadowmap resolution in some areas;
add a bit of bevel in some objects;
Bake indirect with multiple bounce from another software to make the interior light more believable;

The software I used to model the assets was 3ds max.

Looks nice! :slight_smile:

Looks really cool! Is that a aquarium on the first and 2nd picture? :slight_smile:

I quite like how the rooms feel. Thanks for sharing how you did the materials on certain objects

it’s a fireplace that is open on both sides, facing the diner table and the living room. I did it because it connects both living room sections in a better way.