Modern Air Fighter Jet: Sky Edge ( Android game )

Dive into the Strange Real world of Sky Edge inspired by Ace Combat and Fly as the Pilot of a Modern Fighter Jet and destroy anyone that comes in your way.

As a Pilot, you are free to choose your favorite Combat Aircraft and destroy various enemies including Tank, Warship, APC and more…

Head into the Battle against an Enemy Force that has an Advanced Military Power that destroys everything in its path, But with a wide range of Warplanes in your disposal you will Fly through enemy fire and put an end to this War!

In your Final mission you will have to face a powerful Enemy Boss that has a wide range of weapons in its arsenal that is hard to defend against, Are you going to emerge Victoriously?

Fly in the Air and Master the Flying semi simulator and break records and see if you can earn an S rank!

you can download the game from here: