[moderator closed my topic : WHY] .. [max $200] ...making dlls using hl-sdk [ .. xash3d ]

So why my job offer is deleted ?
i had to cut some part because the title is too long
$200 for two little dll made for a hl mod

may be that was too much looking like a reward from us-court of justice : WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE … the famous coop team that now works with russianos-ukranians like dumpy dumby trympy… they are easy to spot : like steam and its twenty years old games… they are ALL making and remaking a project they stolen from me : they hunger coop… ? it is even more crazy than some black friday… they all sell some they hunger…and very bad things on me at the same time…

but i am a french so keep that nightmares for the english community , please…

i hope some moderator will do the work i asked for in my deleted topic… to show they condemn such bad attitude


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