Is there a point where you can respond to a thread etc without a moderator having to approve it or do they do that with everyone forever (unless staff or a moderator obviously :smiley: ). It doesn’t bother me either way, I am just wondering.

I dont know the exact post count, but I think when you reached 3-5 posts we dont have to approve them anymore :slight_smile:

Oh, okay. I have over 5 though (9ish at the moment). Thank you anyways! :slight_smile:

ok I think there may be a glitch or something, I just had to approve that^ post and your last thread which I shouldn’t have needed to do.

Strange. Is there a way that you can just approve/change my account type to be able to post?


It let post without moderator approval finally. Did you do something backend or did it sort itself out?

seems to have fixed itself;)

Always good to hear :slight_smile:

If it hadn’t however, is there a way you could have manually done it?

only the accounts department at epic have that ability.

ah, okay. You would have had to talk to them I guess.

If you have a problem with your account you can either contact the accounts department by emailing or you can let one of the moderators know and we can send a message to someone that can help, it’s usually better to contact them directly but the mods are always ready to help as well:)

Thank you, that is good to know :smiley: you can lock this thread if you wish seeing as it is solved (if that is possible with vBullitin)

I could lock it but we usually leave them open (even if the reason for it is solved) in case someone else has the same problem or more to add…ect.

Oh, okay. No problem :smiley: