Modelling scale

What is the best workflow for modelling objects in inches for Unreal? I’ve found that modelling in Maya (or Blender) with 1 unit = 1 inch and scaling by 2.54 (in to cm) in Unreal makes the objects much smaller than they should be.

I guess that’s about right. I put a 1 M tall block next to a 34.5" base cabinet for comparison. It just looks a bit small with the default character:

I’m curious about working with inches in UE4 as well. I’m doing architectural visualization, and I would like to change the default unit in UE4 to 1 inch. How would I do this?

Also if I model the architecture in Modo, how would I import in the walls and such so that their collision meshes are the actual meshes? In other words, how do you manually edit the collision meshes without using the automatic collision generating features in UE4?


Here are three ways how to create a collision: :slight_smile:

I just bought a copy of Modo indie myself so this comes in handy. It’s nice to be able to model in inches and export to Unreal without scaling issues.