Modelling problem or UV / Lightmap problem

Hello I am having an issue with my mesh in the engine. I have imported the object from Maya using obj format as a test and some parts of the model include these
gross black smudges. The model has not been UV’ed yet and does not have a light map. All i want to know is, before I UV and add these things. Is anything in these pictures a problem with the MODEL or NOT having any UV’s or lightmaps? I also seem to be missing a rim that seems to have flattened itself upon import.

(Has the same result with lighting built and not built)

Ue4 problem.PNG


I think it’s likely due to your smoothing of the mesh, it’s smoothing the extruded bits with the main surface.
If the vehicle is going to be driveable then you don’t need lightmap UV’s since it will use dynamic lighting.
If it’s a prop then it should be pretty easy to make the UV’s for the tire, just need a UV seem around the outside edges, like how you would unwrap a cylinder.

Yeah it looks like you’ve smoothed the normals. You’re going to want to make sure that the normals you set in maya are being exported and imported into UE4. Check your settings when exporting and importing.