Modelling Characture

Does anyone know what programs you can use to model characters? For example say you want to make an elf in some 3rd party program and then bring it into unreal what program would you use to make the elf? I know there is a 3D modeler named Blender. I’m not sure if it’ll work but if anyone does know please tell me. If there is a specific program, or an alternative program, (that is free) please let me know.

you model characters in 3D apps like Blender//Maya…ect, there are also a few apps like “make human” that you can use to make the basic model for you and then you can either import that model straight into UE4 or import into a 3D app like Blender to edit/modify it and then send it to UE4.

hope that helps:)


also you could take a look at this thread, it has some good programs that might help:D

It will work with blender -> here is a good character modelling tutorial for blender: ?v=0QT1GNMevfc :smiley: