Modelling and Importing Meshes

Greetings all. I have a few questions regarding modelling in 3ds max, and importing into UDK 2014. First and foremost i am by far not a 3d modeller but i am making due with what skills i have learned via trial and error. i am able to make meshes in 3ds Max, and import just fine, along with some UVW Mapping. I am currently just messing around with this small project just to “get my feet wet” for a possible future project. Anyway, i am modelling a racecar and i have the rollcage already modeled and imported. I am currently working on the front and rear axles and i just happen to think, Should i create the model entirely in 3ds and export as one object and import, or do it as pieces and import individually and then somehow figure out how to attach them together in UDK to make one working Component?

Any help or reference to a Tutorial would be great!!

Thanks in advanced!


By UDK 2014, do you mean UDK(Unreal Development Kit) or UE4(Unreal Engine 4)?

If you are using UDK then use UDK forums please.

I’d recommend putting your car together entirely in Max, because this way, you won’t have to realign all the pieces within Unreal.

Sry Unreal Engine 4 (the subscription one)

Ok. :slight_smile:

In that case, you can model and rig the chassis and the wheels of your car as a single skeletal mesh in Max, then import the other interactive/extra parts as separate meshes and combine them in the vehicle blueprint inside the editor.

ok thanks folks! now i got some work to do :smiley: will post pics of what i have in a few hrs :smiley: thanks again.

you might want to check my old max/ut3/udk video’s about vehicles as the work flow atm is the same just watch for the scale of things.

the basics are the vehicle should be a single mesh with a skeletal rig , a uvw map with a single material , you can use more materials but it’s always a case of whats needed