[MODELING] - What is correct pipeline for modeling characters for DFAO?


I´m starting modeling my characters, but, since DFAO needs meshes to be CLOSED, how I will model things like t-shirt, pants, and other 2 sided pieces?
Make sense keep both sides of topology? Will me a heavy performance impact? Cast Inset Shadows can handle 2 sided meshes with only Ray Traced Shadows?

PS.: (I intend to not use cascades, only DFAO, like u can see here)

Anyone can Help with this?

Do you have a link to info where it says the meshes need to be closed? I’d like to read about this.

The best solution is to model the t-shirt as the torso instead of layering a t-shirt on top of it. This is a better method anyway as it would allow you to decrease polycount

Only static meshes that have a distance field need to be closed. Characters are skeletal meshes, they don’t have distance fields and they don’t produce any DFAO, they only receive it.