Modeling tools changes on transform scale are not saved to mesh itself


I am using the 3D Asset “modeling tools” (“Modes-> Modeling” ) which was added in last UE4 Versions. I am a bit surprised that changing the scale in “transform → transform” / “deform → transform” is just changing the representation of the static mesh in the word and not the mesh/model itself. It’s the same result as changing the scale in the “Details” panel of the object placed in the world. You can see the scale values are changing in details panel when using “deform → transform” and change the scale with these tools.

I thought all actions in new “modeling tools” are for “mesh editing” and edit the mesh itself. Same like using the “PolyEdit” “PolyDeform” Tool from the “modeling tools” under PolyGroups, which are saved to the mesh itself like I expected.

How do I make a scale-change with “modeling tools” which are saved to the static mesh model itself?
And what is the difference between "modeling tools-> “deform → transform” and the normal transform tool in default “select-mode” (“Modes-> Select” ). Seems the same for me, both change the actual representation of the mesh in the world and not the model itself.

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Any advice would be nice.

Hi TheFlow3k, Modeling Mode is Experimental and so some features are still a work in progress. The Transform tool in Modeling Mode is a place for us to experiment with the new 3D transform gizmo and expose some more complex Transform interactions, like multiple gizmos, snap-dragging, etc. But otherwise yes it is just translating, rotating, and scaling the target objects.

If you would like to actually scale or rotate the static mesh asset, you can do this with the Bake XForm tool in the Transform tab. Note that this will modify the underlying asset, so if you have multiple instances, they will all be affected. You can also use the Edit Pivot tool to translate the mesh relative to its local origin (again, this will affect all instances).

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BakeRS stands for Bake Rotation / Scale

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