Modeling tool in ue5

how to soft the edge or chamfer the edge of wall using modeling tool in ue5


For verbosity: you will need to define poly-group(s) to work with edges.

ref: Understanding PolyGroups in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Here’s how I was able to chamfer/bevel the edges of a cylinder; I’m trying to put my landscape material to the Giant’s Causeway test: giants causeway at DuckDuckGo

1 - Create the cylinder:

2 - Poly-group it:

What you want is those red-lines, those will be your edges when you select edges in the next step.

3 - PolyEd, make sure your selection-filter is set to edges, select-all (lines should turn from red to yellow), then click the Bevel button:

4 - Play with your bevel-distance. You can see in the mesh the corners have been shaved off:

Hope this helps everyone!

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