Modeling team with experience in architectural modeling for ongoing relationship

We are looking for a modeling team that is experienced in architectural modeling for an ongoing relationship - 100s of models / month, every month. Must have exceptional material development skills for fabrics , woods, metals, etc. Must have experience producing world class renderings in UE4 as well as Vray. Must have great english communication skills and be able to connect daily and generally be online to and available during the business day. Please respond back to . Thanks.

Hey Andy, glad that UE4 is still on the table here. It was great working with you back on October and I’d love to chat about working together on this new phase.

seems that they do looking to nothing, because of no answers to application email.
No answer is an answer as well.

Sounds great, we have an experienced modelling team that can deliver optimized and beautiful 3d models for UE4. I would like to have a chat a discuss further your project requirements. Feel free to PM me.

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