Modeling Procedural Assets From Modo To UE4?

I saw this video of procedural assets being created through Houdini 3D Modeling software, and i was amazed at how you can export the assets as well as the controls to UE4 for further manipulation for certain level scenarios without having to go back into modeling software to make adjustments:

So my question for you guys is there a way to achieve this or something similar through Modo 11? i’ve looked around quite a bit and found nothing as in depth as that video on Houdini.

Let me know you guys.


Houdini is able to do procedural changes in UE4 because there’s a plugin that supports it. You can do some procedural creation stuff via Blueprints, but nothing that’s through Modo, or another 3d package.

Using blueprints is it possible to replicate the same thing that the Houdini engine provides?

Many of the same things. There’s plenty of examples on yotube, and there’s one Epic Live Stream they did about paragon foliage being procedural.