Modeling only in UE, is it real?

Hi, all. I know that UE has a modelling mode. At the same time, reading the forum, etc., people write smth like I created a model in Blender\Cinema4d, etc and then textured it in UE. Even among courses here, I saw cases of Blender + UE5.
My question about good practice.

Is this normal practice to make all models in one program, or better use more?

For example, I have little knowledge of Cinema4d and zero in the EU. I’m talking about modelling every single asset (houses, characters, guns, cars).
Any advice, or thoughts?

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Hi Aleks,

In my view, it’s better to use less programs. The tradeoff is everything happening in “one place” vs creating in another place and exporting. Other tools may have extra/different functionality, but I’d consider the modeling tools in UE comparable to Blender. (If you get to a certain point with the UE modeling tools and realize you need Blender/C4D you can always export from UE.)

My advice is to try and complete a mesh in each, then decide which one you like to use better.