Modeling inside of tiger mouth and rigging the face

I have a tiger model that I want to open its jaw and bear its teeth. Should I place the mouth model inside the tigers head after I import both into ue4? After that I would play the tiger meshes animation of its lower jaw moving down and its upper lip moving up. Then I would play the animation of the mouth mesh opening. Am I thinking about this the right way? How would you guys do it if you had to do this?

I havent even rigged it yet, still watching pluralsight tuts on rigging but I figured I may as well ask this to maybe save myself some time later. :smiley:

You need to model and rig it first, no stitching or placing stuff inside other stuff on ue4 side. It all happens on your dcc side (maya, blender, whatevers).
Ideally the gums/teeth is a separate mesh but its not necessary and will probably even look better if you modeled it more realistic and did it combined, but that will be really hard.
So when you have teeth and gums and proper mouth modeled, you rig the lower jaw and lips with joints so you can animate mouth opening and lips moving to bear teeth.
Thats it.