Modeling Glass On a Building

Hi guys have a quick question about how to get breakable glass for my enterable building working well:



This is my building in 3ds , every pane of glass is its own object.
my question is, is this the correct way to have smashable glass i was planning to use the destruction mesh system in UE4 then use that on each of the panes of glass once i import them in to the engine is that the correct way to do it because it seams very time consuming and long winded

any help would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

I personally would do it exactly the same :slight_smile: -> so create them in 3ds - export it - create the destructible mesh - place it into your level

When exporting your window panes make sure they are centered to the world origin of your modeling software before importing into UE4 otherwise you will have some issues with getting your destructible setup.

A lot of those panes look to be the same size, like you have three different sizes overall? If that’s the case. Only export one of each > make that into a destructible mesh > then place them within your scene.

That should make things much more simpler than dealing with 17 individual meshes that could really only be 3 or 4.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

thanks for the info the one problem i have with exporting one off each type is getting the glass panes back in all of the correct places on the model which as you can see there are quite a few windows on the model (and future models) is there a way to get around this issue?

Just give them a correct name in 3ds and then it shouldn’t be a problem to place them correctly :slight_smile:

Personally I’m waiting for vertex based animations. It’s on the road map.

If it works the way I think it will then then you can do all of your soft and hard body physics in any application that supports point cache data like Houdini…or 3ds .