Modeling assets in 3DS Max, more questions...

I’m currently modeling a spacecraft in Max. I want to use multiple separate objects that will make up said craft. My question is, do i have to attach all the parts as one whole object or group them so that UE4 sees it as one object or bring all the objects into UE4 and attach them there? My goal is to make the base of the craft as one object, engines, landing gear, weapons, etc as separate objects. I’m looking to implement damage models that break off and/or seem damaged visually as well as mess with the functionality of the ships performance when damaged bad enough.

My other question is about effects i wish to create within Max to bring them into UE4. I plan to use PFlow, FumeFX and Rayfire (if it’s possible) for certain effects. Although i know UE4 and Max are compatible with each other in the importing and exporting side, I’m not 100% on how well the Max plugins will work with UE4. I need smoke, fire and certain particle effects (especially for the engine and weapon effects). Can it be done or is the pipeline between the two programs limited to just Vanilla Max?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

To the best of my knowledge, you can’t bring VFX from Max into UE4. UE4 has its own particle system - ‘Cascade’.

Here’s a link to imbuefx tutorials, the guy works at Epic and is a boss particle/material guy.