Modeling A City: Start In 3D App Then Move To UE4?

I’ve been trying to get my head around this for nine months (literally). I’ve posted all over the place, but I never get an answer that answers my question.

Imagine you’re making a city in GTA for example. Would you model everything out (as a whole) in Maya, then start breaking that down into modules and importing it into Unreal? What’s the process of building an urban environment look like?


i think you should model like the buildings first piece by piece. Thats me tho

Some common techniques:

#1. Build large sections in Maya and then import them to UE4. Using this approach the city remains fixed, so you lose flexibility and re-usability!
#2. Create walls and roofs and other modular assets that can be imported and reused to create different kinds of buildings. See Epic’s Infiltrator demo.
#3. Test drive a free modular construction tool from the unreal Community…
#4. Buy a Procedural City / Building tool from the Marketplace…
#5. Purchase a ProProcedural Tool like Houdini. See this example

Still stuck?

Why not download a marketplace modular pack and see how they did it, or just try out the Epic Infiltrator or Shooter demo and deconstruct it…

Thanks guys. I guess maybe I didn’t explain this well enough. I totally understand the modular part (or making each building one by one), but I don’t understand streets/pavement/sidewalks. Do I make my roads/sidewalks modular, too? I could make a standard sidewalk block (modular on a grid), but how do I account for changes in the terrain (slopes/inclines, etc)?

There are insightful threads about this, but its hard to find past posts using the forum search…
You could make friends with others working on vast cities like the AQP project etc… Just an idea…