Modeler needed for fun project "The Man"

Hello everyone!

My I am a game developer with several years of experience AAA and indie

Because lately I managed to get some free time I decided to start a new project called “The Man”

A couple of words about the game:

The Man is a point and click adventure / tycoon game in witch your goal is to become guide a future to become a mogul of heavy metal music!
As a player you will start as a teenager who gets his first guitar, master it, move out from the parents house, get your first band and your first concert. Eventually you will be able to own many bands and negotiate record deals and concerts for them (of course at a cost).

  • Music will be created semi automatic
  • Band members training is important and influence by the environment that you build for them + decisions that you make
  • The technology of the year in witch you are is also very important (opportunities can be open and closed based on that)

Anyway… you got the overall picture of what I am building so yea, be Excited! Hurray!

Now about graphics,
The game should look cartoonish: Characters should look similar to does stupid VR avatars and the Environment similar to Two Point Hospital

About you! The candidate:

  • don’t be sensitive to non political friendly content (it is crazy that this is a subject in the first place)
  • be in Europe or in the American continent
  • be willing to learn new things and respond well to feed back
  • love metal music (especial classic metal bands, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Judas Priest, ect,)
  • have at least a couple of free hours per week
  • don’t be one of does studios that email everyone who is posting here
  • don’t be scared! I will also model, you will not have to be an one man army. Plus animations and sounds are not an issue
  • be ready to have FUN! sort of