Modeler looking to help

Hello. I work with 3ds Max to create models. I have a lot of modeling experience and I am looking for new, fun things to model. I can do high / low poly models. I am not good with organic. I have done a little rigging, but it has been a couple of years. It should not be hard to pick up with 3ds Max if needed. I can also use Substance Painter / Photoshop to make great textures. If you are in need of a modeler / texture artist for your mod projects, please let me know. I would love to help.

If you are interested I am currently looking for team members for a total conversion project.
The basic idea is that I would like to take a more “realistic” approach to what a player would actually do when stranded on an island full of dinos.
That means most creatures are not tameable and instead the human part becomes more important.
Planned are reworks of the crafting system (less grinding, more steps), so we’d need models of tools and tool stations, for some tools icons might suffice, more diversity regarding weapons ( different types of narcotic and with that also different types / looks of existing weapons, as well as new weapons), in addition to that balance changes to existing items (items like bolas and traps will be much more important) as well as dinos (a trex should be nearly impossible to kill, if a group of players does manage it will give a LOT of resources) and the player ( food should be much more of an issue, in the future a nice touch would be to add different nourishment requirements, also the weather will play a greater role).
Another part that might be interesting to a modeller is that we plan a few more building types or at least to remodel existing types (stone walls as they are now appear to be using mortar while they are not, we will add new tiers of stone walls, some based on clay, and more advanced ones based on mortar, so different texture variations are needed here).

That said, I am a programmer and professional game developer who has worked with unity as well as unreal engine and got some modelling and texturing knowledge on the side from my job, and I got a second guy for some modelling and texturing, but someone who could focus on models would be very welcome!

I am looking for modelers that want to contribute to my mod here:

Right now I’m mainly trying to make hitching harnesses for the dinos that hitch to carts and wagons, and I’m not great at modeling, just new to it and slow at it, and have a lot to make. Also, modeling carts and wagons would come later after some hitching harnesses.

Here is an example of what I mean


Sounds like an interesting project. Let me know what you need. If there are concept sketches, that would be great. I look forward to working with you.

Sounds fun. I can try to help you with it. If you have any concept sketches, let me know. Also, let me know what kinds of carts you want. I can model and texture them for you.

I will need a quite a few models made, though I am trying to teach myself how to do it. Sadly, though, I lack the software to get far in my modding endeavors, so if you are still offering your services, check out my thread and see if you’d like to help make some of the content for it!-Recruiting-for-Total-Conversion-mod! and are both great programs for modeling and both are free. (maya u just have to sign up as a student [even if ur not one])

there also some other programs like Daz 3D | 3D Models and 3D Software by Daz 3D and

We are looking for 3D models for Ark: survival evolved if you still do these! Please contact me at [BSN] Blaze on steam or check out our steamgroup that you can find at

@Mousserr I’m working on a dogsled mod, I could use models for the sled and harnesses if you have time to do them.

I’ve always wanted to make some custom wyverns, but I the Dev Kit is really intimidating. I DID not make this mod ( ,but I wanted to make something like this, and add 2 kinds of water wyverns, and potentially a few underwater tames. Any ideas? And if i do have to use a separate site to get all the details, any recommendations? I wanted the water wyvern to look like the one from this mod:, but not the same. I have many different plans, I don’t plan on stealing or copying any of these other mods, I’m just using them for reference.

Hi I’m currently looking for a Modder for 3 mods simple but important one of these mods includes adding an animation to the wyvern which I think would improve it over all in combat and in realism I want to add a gliding at the end of their sprint animation such as the griffin has when coming out of a nose dive. it would add a better turning radius and a better over all realistic flight mode to it also would like to close their mouths and have a tongue flicker much like a snake. second I wanted to try to work on a type of dragon armor details if you are interested, I would also like to be apart of this project in a stream or for smoothing out the ideas I’ve tried the modding tool but I cant seem to get the hang of it message me in steam if you are interested I want to see the steps it takes in the mod kit so I can eventually learn how to take on such projects