Modeler and/or Environment Artist

As the title states need one environment done(not a complete but draft) and anywhere from 13-45 models done. Message for specifics on pay. If I like the initial model/Environment I may ask you to help with complete project(of course paid).

3d Game Art Freelancer

I´m Interested ! :slight_smile:
you can contact me at


my email:-


My portfolio:

Hardsurface: HardSurface - Google Drive


All the best!

Hi, i am interested in the project, here is the link to my work:

Awesome I have reached out to a few and will continue down the list if things don’t work out. Thank you!

Messaged as well! :slight_smile:


Hey ey, i feel late to the party here :slight_smile: What kind of art style are you after? Realistic?