Model tilted

Hi all,

Can somebody give me some good advice to this litle problem? I have taken some photos with a drone over an open pit excavation. When doing the aligning, the preview model comes out very tilted in referense to the horizontal plane. I have applied the following settings:

  • Project Coordinate system: GPS (WGS 84)

  • Output Coordinate system: ETRS89/ETRS-GK23FIN

  • To all the cameas is applied: Absolute Pose -> Position, Absolute Coordinates -> GPS (WGS84)

I’ve also tried to set to all the cameras in “Absolute Pose” to “Position and orientation”. In that case the aligned model was parallel with the horizontal plan, but it was up-side-down. So what am I doing wrong here?

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Its because the GPS data are NOT consistend and  highly possibly they are wrong. 
tale a look on the image, RED are bad - GREEN look to be OK 

RED -> set their position to UNKNOWN 
GREEN -> no need to set anything there, so a default settings


Thank you Wishgranter for the help!

I started go through the EXIF information of the pictures and noticed that something was not right with the GPS-coordinates. There are over 40 m big errors in the Z-coordinates and all of them had a negative value (minus prefix). I don’t have a clue why the Phantom 4 saves the elevation with a negative value.

So basically I need to remove the absolute position from most of the cameras. Is there by the way a cleaver way in how to evaluate the precision of the coordinates in the EXIF?


Best regards Gustav