Model problem

I’m working on my first interior scene in ue4. I have some strange problems with model.
They have artefacts (polygon problems, maybe smoothing?) in activ window. But when i open the same model in edit window, model looks great.

Any help will be very nice :slight_smile:

The issue is likely that the lightmap resolution is too low. But also, you might have an issue with the lightmap UV’s, if you used an auto flatten UV’s method then it won’t do well on that type of mesh. What helps, if you have something like a couch you have block shaped objects (cushions) if you don’t change the topology as it is subdivided then you’ll have loops around the faces of the objects where you can do a clean seam like you would unfold a box shape and that will allow you to get good lighting on them.


Thank you for helping :slight_smile: As you can see i have worked hard and make some improvments :). My new problem is shadow :(. Any idea why i dont have any shadow in area behind the coach (indirect), from legs of the chair, form puf?
I ve watched tones of materials about indirect lights and capsule shadowa but nothing helped :frowning:

The floor and the walls need higher lightmap resolution

Thank You :slight_smile: There was also lightmap coordinates problem. All fixed. Now i have a different problem with reflections :). Reflection from this angle look terrible. Any idea how to deal with it :)?

It’s using the screen space reflections which can only reflect what is currently visible, you can adjust the SSR quality in the post process volume, but you should also add some reflection capture actors which will render out full reflections to cover areas where the SSR doesn’t.

Thank You :slight_smile: It a huge improvment :slight_smile: