Model pre-rigged (non-ART) --> import & animation application still fine?

Hi everyone,

I’m newer to the animation section of UE4, looking to mainly use Matinee, and while I’ve been reading quite a bit of the documentation / watching tutorial videos on it…I’m still slightly confused.

I have a number of modeled characters that are already rigged / weighted, etc in 3rd party programs. Do I need to run these through ART to re-rig them (skeleton?) in order to properly apply animation data in UE4 and / or would it be a better approach overall? I understand that each skeletal mesh has a skeleton, but how smoothly retargeting & application goes between, say, a skeletal mesh with its ‘UE4-created’ default skeleton and trying to apply an FBX with just animation in it – that part is confusing me a bit.

I’m assuming that, for flexibility, it is better to apply the animation inside of UE4 instead of having it baked into the FBX skeletal mesh upon import; that way I don’t have to re-import the same model with every animation take?

Anyway, hopefully the above makes sense…and I apologize if a lot of this comes in a noob questions. Just linking me to articles / threads / videos that might address my issues / questions is a perfectly answer. :slight_smile:

Thank you again,


If you want to use UE4’s animations your best bet is to use the same skeleton. You can try to use the retargeting system though but it could wind up being a pain especially if your characters have different proportions (the UE4 rig has odd proportions - the legs are crazy long). Otherwise you need to animate your character and then import the animations as well.