"Model parts" - finding a specific part out of 100's


I have a city model consisting of few hundred parts, exported as OBJ (in parts, naturally).

How RC model part numbering is choosen? It seems like very random, as subsequent parts are never spacially next to each other.

I’m looking to provide an easy way for end users of this export to pick just few parts they need and find those easily. Opening the whole model is out of question, as this is a huge city model. End users are most likely to pick a 3x3 parts from the area they need. Now I’m using a following workaround; create very simplified model to be used as an index (simplify while keeping parts) - this works ok, but needs some extra work and is 3D only (slow for the end user). 

A simple index file of model parts would come in handy for this purpose, but I assume there is no way to get it exported out from RC currently? Actually just printing an overlay of model part numbers and a grid to an top-view ortophoto would be all I need. 


Hello dear user,
This sounds like a nice feature to have. Let’s see whether community votes for it. Thank you for your suggestion.