Model from Revit -> Unreal With textures?

Am i able to get a model from Autodesk Revit -> Unreal Engine 4?
Or maby a model from 3ds Max to Unreal?
(It has to be with textures)

You can import any .FBX or .OBJ in Unreal Engine. It will only bring the diffuse texture from your modelling package. You have to build the rest of material in UE4 (roughness, normal, etc).

You will have to go from Revit -> 3ds Max -> Unreal Engine, in order to unwrap your UVWs. I’ve had success exporting most of my stuff as a *.FBX, except for anything round like a railing or crown moulding. For those you need to export as a *.DWG.

As heartlessphil said you can only bring in your diffuse texture, which doesn’t help much. You will want to redo your materials in Unreal Engine.