Model display in rhinoceros using the product viewer

Attached an example made with the product viewer of a free model downloaded from cgtrader in Rhinoceros format and imported via unreal study.
It’s all very simple and fast.
The only problem I found is that when it is exported to html 5 there are problems with geometry with too many polygons.
Infact when it exceeds a number of polygons the geometry is broken, so you have to export it to different pieces.
This ruins the perfect division of the pieces.
Furthermore, the light has no effect.
This does not happen for the dekstop version.
But I think it’s a known problem since when you open the product viewer the possibility of exporting to html5 is blocked.

I enclose a mounted video

and a desktop navigation video
and web browsing


Daniele Barone

Hi Daniele,

Seems we are both testing with Rhino files. The separation you see of the model, is that already occuring inside Unreal when you test the viewer or only after creating the output ?


Hello Joep, I create it on rhino otherwise on html5 is not good. but if you do not have to see it on html5 you can create a single piece in rhino and it works great on desktop

Hi Daniele,

can you send me a link to the model so I can try something


sure, now I’m out of the office.
I downloaded the model from this site, but when I come back I send you the precise link.

here you can download the desktop executable!GpgnxRaC!K0JUVSztClle5V-kzHQ8v_CbX7sNWmlxjo0QUlks8fo

Found the model ! thanks


the HTML test failed on my end (but to be expected) The windows version gives me the full geometry (yours shows seperate parts with the small rings)


yes I know. on Windows it also works with whole pieces. but I had done several tests to find the solution on html is so I left the separate model even on Windows :slight_smile: