Model creation/importing question

Hi guys.

Extreme newbie here to all things Unreal or game development…just starting to learn this so be gentle.

I am basically aiming to do a dj app which a part of its content will be a table that has a Pioneer like multimedia system for dj’s. the problem is i don’t know what is the first thing to use, do i use a model like This One? dose this model can be configured to operate each button on it? or i am looking for something else entirely?

I really appreciate any input on this,
Thank you.

Your link doesn’t seem to work, maybe because it was your first post.

Firstly, welcome to the forum!

I’m a bit unsure what you’re asking, You can develop 3D models in blender, maya and 3ds max and import them into ue4 as fbx, alternatively you might be able to find usable models from places like turbosquid cgtrader and again import them in as fbx files.

You can then build in the functionality using the editor, perhaps using box triggers for switches or areas on records for tone bending scratching etc but you’ll have to build all the coding yourself in blueprints or c++, I’m sure the guys in the relevant forum sections will be able to advise way better than I can!