Model creation/importing question

Hi guys.

Extreme newbie here to all things Unreal or game development…just starting to learn this so be gentle.

I am basically aiming to do a dj app which a part of its content will be a table that has a Pioneer like multimedia system for dj’s. the problem is i don’t know what is the first thing to use, do i use a model like This One? dose this model can be configured to operate each button on it? or i am looking for something else entirely?

I really appreciate any input on this, thank you.

yes U might use that model as well or create a custom model for Ur self . U need to add many functionalities like whenever U hit a button U need to play a sound and a particular color of light is to be emitted from the button . All these custom functionality is totally possible with ue4 .but U need the basics and there is no shortcut to it … Start learning and I am quiet sure U’ll know what to do after a small period of time . read the documentation of sound and how to play . and yes whole of visual scripting(sounds kind of tough but is the easiest and ue4 is best suited for this purpose) .Open the docs.and just start learning.